Promote Local Entrepreneurship & Attract Jobs/Investment
   -Build a coalition of support for entrepreneurship
   -Effectively market Pittsburg to employers
   -Market to targeted industries
   -Mitigate local skills shortages

Attract & Retain a Skilled Workforce
   -Utilize PSU to expand local industry clusters
   -Seek new housing developments
   -Strengthen connections between business community & 
    educational institutions
   -Make it easier for local employers to offer training

Better Leverage University Talents & Resources
   -Find ways to expand research & development activity associated  
    with PSU’s academic strengths
   -Utilize PSU to expand local industry clusters

Enrich Quality of Place
   -Incentivize reinvestment into downtown
   -Promote a more walkable city center
   -Invest and nurture local festivals and events

Expand Convention & Tourism Services
   -Pursue convention space adjoined to one or more hotels
   -Improve walkability from hotels north of Atkinson to retail district